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This site is a collaborative effort to create a resource for Classrooms for the Future teachers and anyone else who wants to expand their 21st century teaching skills and share ideas about teaching. Please feel free to browse, take ideas and leave some of your own!

* Getting Started with Wikis

Click Here for some great tutorials on using wikispaces!

* More Wiki Resources

If you are new to wikis, you might want to check out the teacher help page for answers to some commonly asked questions. If you want to get started, the video tutorial with one of the wikispace creators makes it extremely easy to do!

* Uses for Wikis

Looking for suggestions on how to use wikis in your classroom? Then check out the Ways to Use Wikis page for ideas. Please add one of your own if you have had success with wikis in your classroom. Post a link to your wiki if you wish! If you are looking for concrete examples of classroom wiki pages, then check out the Educational Wikis website.

You also might want to check out these links for some concrete examples of wikis in action.

* Sandbox Page

Do you have something to add, but you're not sure where to put it? Please go to the Sandbox Page and place it there. Our page editors will take a look at it and put it in the appropriate area. Remember, we are looking for ideas, resources, examples, etc. that have to do with 21st Century Learning. If you are not sure, but you have something that you know just "works," share it in the Sandbox!!

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